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This website does not use coookies and does not track visitiors. It does not include third party resources like social media buttons, advertisements, etc. and does not pass information to third parties who may track visitors.

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Transmission, processing and storage of data

Your requests and our webcontent is transfered encrypted (HTTPS).

In the course of requesting and reciving data from our web server, your browser usually sends – among others – the following data:

For the transmission of our webcontent to your browser we process your IP address and some information about your browser and device.

The above mentioned data is usually not saved in log files or other storage, is not analyzed and not passed to third parties.

In case of operational problems (like network problems, overload or failure of the web server or potential malpractice) the above mentioned data may temporarily be stored and analyzed for the purpose of dealing with the problem. This data will not be analyzed or disclosed to third parties for any other reason and will be deleted as soon as the problems are dealt with as long as this data is not needed for investigation or proof in case of legal issues.

Email, Fax and postal Mail

If you send an email to us, this email may be saved over a longer period of time.

Inbound faxes or postal mail may be stored over a longer period of time.