FLIWAS - Web Application for Flood Control

Web application for flood control management.

FLIWAS is a platform that integrates existing information systems, and facilitates communication between responsible parties during an emergency. It also serves to document the emergency and the measures taken.

FLIWAS serves as a common source for vital information, integrates data from external systems (e.g., flooding simulations or water levels), and automatically generates warnings based on the inputs it receives if measures need to be taken by its users.

Institutions and people involved in flood control can use FLIWAS to communicate with each other, and FLIWAS automatically documents the course of events.

Being a web application, FLIWAS can be used from any reasonably modern computer (PCs or mobile devices) with an internet connection and a web browser without any additional software requirements.

Operating on Fliwas

FLIWAS supports the following tasks in the context of flood control:

The FLood Information and WArning System was developed by Leiner & Wolff during the NOAH project (an Interreg IIIb project) on behalf of the Netherlands, the city of Cologne, and the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is currently being evaluated and introduced in numerous projects in various regions of Europe. Meanwhile, the software continues to be developed in close cooperation with its users.