BliF is a web application for analysing satellite imagery. It was designed primarily for use in education. It's easy to use and provides all the relevant functions for image enhancement and image analysis. Instructors can use BliF to teach remote sensing techniques without the use of complicated and cost-intensive professional software products. This also keeps the software-specific entry barriers for students low.

We currently develop the software in cooperation with Pädagogischen Hochschule Heidelberg (University of Education Heidelberg).

Properties and Functionality


When working with BliF, you start by selecting a clipping from a satellite image. You can enhance your image using several different techniques, display true color or false color images, view histograms, calculate indexes, and produce unsupervised as well as supervised classifications. BliF also provides undo/redo functionality for destructive operations.

BliF has a guided mode. In this mode, an assistant guides the user through the application and explains the basics of digital image processing for satellite imagery. The guided mode has various levels of difficulty to accommodate different proficiency levels.

BLiF Histogram

BliF is a web application run centrally on a server, and therefore doesn't require any installation of software on the user's computer. All you need is an up-to date web browser and a sufficiently fast internet connection.

All data (satellite images, user-generated data etc.) are stored on the server. The application has a user management component that can be used to manage permissions for different types of users.